Some Tidbits That Are Also Dating and Relationship Advice

Everyone needs some dating and relationship advice once in a while. Most people aren’t some sort of dating guru and situations come along that they have no idea how to deal with certain situations. So here are a few things that can happen when you’re on a date or in a relationship and some practical answers to your problems:

On your first date, you find out the person isn’t really your type: Either you’re being hasty or they are totally different from you in every way possible. This happens a lot, unsurprisingly – there are a lot of different types of people in the world! If they just seem to have a few differences of opinion than you, don’t run out! You never know, you might be missing out because of something stupid. If they’re on the polar end of the spectrum from you, don’t walk out in the middle of the date or tell your friend to call your phone for an excuse, just sit through it and politely decline a second date Dating and relationships.

You’re a guy and you can’t help but stare at a hot girl across the room, or you’re a girl whose boyfriend can’t keep his eyes to himself: Guys have trouble controlling themselves, this is no secret. Most of the time they barely realize that they’re staring at a girl – they’re not thinking with their head, so to speak. This type of habit can really hurt a girl’s feelings, though. No girl likes it when the guy she likes or is in a relationship is staring at other women. Guys, try to control yourselves around your girlfriends; and girls, don’t take it personally, if they didn’t find you attractive, they wouldn’t be with you.

Both dating and relationships are a team effort: This is both dating and relationship advice: Don’t expect your partner or date to do everything for you. Whether it’s paying for things or just being kind, both parties in a romantic setting should be making an equal effort. If the person you’re with isn’t making an equal effort to make you happy, then you two are probably not meant to be. This is actually very common, and it’s not unheard of to get hurt in these types of situations.

If they have a history of cheating, don’t put everything on the table: So whoever you’re with, dating or otherwise, has cheated. That doesn’t necessarily make them a bad person – maybe the relationship they were in at the time was bad. But sometimes that is just not an excuse. Some people can’t help but cheat, both men and women, and if your partner has a history of cheating you should go forward with caution. Don’t dedicate yourself to them fully emotionally until you are sure that they are not going to cheat on you. And if they do have a history of cheating and they cheat on you? Absolutely do not put up with it. They are going to do it again.

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