What The Smart Patient Needs to Know About Insurance Coverage for MN Chiropractors

MN Chiropractors may be covered by many insurances. These include major medical, medicare, and Minnesota Worker’s Compensation. This space limitation means that I can only cover major medical, Medicare and Minnesota No Fault coverage Sciatic.

Minnesota chiropractic services are covered by major insurances. Medica, and Health Partners are two of the largest Minnesota health insurance providers. While both insurers typically cover chiropractic services, the exact amount will vary from policy-to-policy. For Health Partners and Medica, chiropractic care is only available through two distinct networks of chiropractors. You will only be eligible for maximum coverage if you are seen by a chiropractor within the designated network of your insurer. You will find the list of chiropractors in the insurance company’s network in your Provider Manual.

Medica and Health Partners typically cover the following services:

  • Examinations: The first examination is required both by insurance companies and professional standards. This allows the chiropractor to make a diagnosis. The insurance company will be informed by the diagnosis of the reason and justification for additional services. The chiropractor can diagnose the root cause of your (or your patient’s) problems and/or health concerns.
  • Chiropractic adjustments: Adjustments of the spine, joints and extremities. Adjustments are gentle manipulations to joints that aim to restore joint function. Most adjustments offer immediate pain relief. It is important to make periodic adjustments during follow-up visits in order to normalize joint movement. Abnormal joint movement is often the root cause of pain and joint inflammation. The mechanical irritation and inflammation that results from abnormal joint movement can be corrected with a series joint adjustments.
  • Therapy: Many other therapies, such as traction and electrical muscle stimulation, can be used to aid in the healing of a particular area. The stimulation of the electrical muscles can relax tight muscles, increase blood flow and block pain sensations.
  • Acupuncture can be used to promote healing and ease pain. Acupuncture uses the ancient Chinese principle of Chi, or vital energy to balance energy flow in the body and promote healing.

MinnesotaNo-Fault (Auto)

Minnesota’s automobile accidents provide coverage for chiropractor services. This is Minnesota law. Your insurance company may choose a doctor or chiropractor to treat your injuries from an auto accident.

Beware Minnesota IME’s (“Independent”) Medical Examiners

Your insurance company may be able to send you to their doctor on a restricted basis. Most often, this is a one-time visit. To verify injuries from an accident, almost all auto insurance carriers send their insureds to their doctor. Auto insurance companies only send clients to IMEs when they decide to stop paying for additional treatment. IME’s are well-known for not recognizing obvious injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents. In 25 years of Minnesota medical practice, I’ve seen many of my patients sent by insurance companies to IME’s.

One time, I witnessed the truth between IMEs and Minnesota insurance companies. I gave a presentation at the Minnesota Trial Lawyers Association’s state-wide convention. My topic was Whiplash Injuries. A member of the audience noticed my presentation and contacted me later. He wanted to send me a case to examine, as my role was that of an IME. After visiting the patient, I completed a long report detailing my findings. I stated that the patient had suffered serious injuries from the motor vehicle accident. He still required ongoing care. The adjuster did not send me another patient. (It also took a very long time to get paid by the insurer for the work I did.

Minnesota This insurance provides coverage for all of the services listed under major medical insurance.

Minnesota No Fault covers chiropractic services such as examinations, chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy and acupuncture. Your chiropractor will need to properly document your condition. They must also show that the treatment provided is directly related to your injuries from a motor vehicle accident. You should be able to get your chiropractic services covered, if you do this correctly.


Medicare is a federally provided benefit. Sometimes, however, Medicare benefits can be provided by local insurance companies. In either case, Medicare covers only chiropractic adjustments.

Medicare will pay only for chiropractic adjustments if you see a chiropractor. However, the chiropractor must perform an exam to determine a Medicare diagnosis. Medicare does not cover the exam, even though Medicare requires the chiropractor to conduct an examination. Because it is so absurd, it is hard to explain this to patients. You can expect to pay for your first chiropractic appointment if you have Medicare. Your supplemental to Medicare will not cover exams. Your supplemental Medicare will only cover the portion of chiropractic care that Medicare is unable to pay.