Why Just Sell Your Own Ebook When You Can Sell Amazon Books at No Cost? Become an Amazon Affiliate

If you’re not doing so, you certainly wish to look at selling your book on Amazon.com. Amazon isalso, after all, not simply a visible and credible brand. It’s in fact the planet’s largest bookstore, and lots of buyers wouldn’t buy from any other bookstore. This said, to offer your book on Amazon means that you want an ISBN barcode, together with distribution rights. If you are an unknown entity, you may rather not buy getting a ISBN recorder, because the cheapest package of codes will still put you back about $200.

This calls for promoting the books of other authors selling on Ecom Income blueprint, on your own site. So rather than merely hoping to sell your e-book, you’d currently be trying to sell an assortment of Amazon Books that address the same niche market as your book. This may sound like second best, and also counterproductive if you are attempting to market your own e-book.

1. Gain a Fan Club of Clients Who Wish to Read What You Are Reading

The secret here will be to target a very specific market niche and also to be selective about the books you promote. Should you choose so you are most likely to have repeat traffic to your website. As an example, I usually have a look at what Paul L. posts on his web site since good reads in sales and marketing. It goes without mentioning, that one day that these readers will probably find curious about everything you’ve written too.

2. Amazon Affiliates Earn a Commission

If you’re a writer, you are most likely to become an avid reader. If nothing else, the commission (approx. 4 percent each purchase) will help you keep your own book shelf stocked.

3. Amazon Affiliates Read

I find the longer time that I spend in any bookstore, the more likely I shall leave, feeling guilty that I have only splurge on 2 or 3 new books. Later, I remember, however, that reading is motivational, plus it can help keep me on my course.

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