Types of Novels and Their Purpose

When it comes to types of novels you will find that there are hundreds of variations and styles of writing. In fact, it is virtually impossible to compose a concise list of novel types, due to the fact that the world of literature is also evolving and changing with each passing year.

However, no matter how much evolution may be taking place in the world of writing, there are several types of novels that have stuck around and seem to have permanently claimed their stake in the fathoms of literature นิยายแปล.

Concerning types of novels there are generally two types. The first is a full-length novel. This is a book that is over 200 pages in length and contains a long and well developed story with a variety of characters.

The second type of novel is commonly referred to as a novella. These novels are generally under 200 pages, however, they still contain a full-length story with a beginning, middle, and end.

Apart from novellas and novels there are also various novel types that should be mentioned. These include fiction, non-fiction, biographies, and autobiographies. Most common genres such as horror, science-fiction, romance, and western will all fall into the fiction category. These are stories that are based on no facts.

Though autobiographies and biographies could be placed into the category of non-fiction, they have evolved into their own type of novel over the years due to their vast number. Therefore, non-fiction novels are generally books based solely on fact. They generally chronicle historical or crime events.

There are so many types of novels that it would be impossible for a person to not find a specific type that suits their needs and tastes. That is part of the art and magic of literature. People can enter new and unique worlds, or even familiar worlds where they can escape their everyday lives and enjoy some excellent entertainment.

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